How We Can Help


Standard and Integrative Medicine Consultation to offer you more time to talk about your pet’s needs.

Surgery & Dentistry

Soft tissue surgeries: desexing, dentistry, lump removal and abdominal surgeries, as well as advanced orthopaedics procedures, such as cruciate knee surgery.

Natural Medicines

Western and Eastern herbal medicine (Naturopathy and Chinese herbs), Nutraceuticals, Supplements, Laser therapy.

Health Care Plans

Preventive Care is essential to maintain your pet’s health! Health Plans help you stay update with vaccinations and parasite prevention.


Acupuncture treatment for cats and dogs. Little needles are our magic wand!


Don’t want to feed your pet dry food? We offer nutritional advice and design your pet’s diet from scratch!


Fear free grooming for pets that require sedation to be groomed. Ideal for cats!


Digital X-ray, ultrasound, blood test, laser therapy, eletro-acupuncture, dental machine, modern surgery room and anaesthetic monitoring.

Vaccination & Titre Testing

Advanced vaccination protocols to reduce over vaccination and still keep your pet protected against deadly diseases.

Cat Special Care

We have a dedicated cat consultation room, where we sit down with your kitty and give him the time to fell more comfortable.

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