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Preventive Care

Do the best for your pet’s health!

The most important approach to health is prevention, which is the key ingredient of any recipe to avoid disease and illness in any living being. In pets, prevention of severe conditions is also essential because it avoids extra costs with veterinary care and hospitalization.

Nowadays, technology in medicine and veterinary medicine has allowed the manufacture of many products, such as vaccinations and worming tablets, that promotes longevity and quality of life. For example, parvovirus and heartworm disease were very common deadly conditions that now can be easily prevented.

Most vets use standard protocols, such as annual vaccinations and commercial dry food as a standard of care. We aim better than that!

Every pet is a single individual and every condition will show different symptoms and cause distinct problems to each pet. This is why we provide individualized treatment to your pet.​

We have now launched our HEALTH CARE PLANS to helps you budget your pet’s

☑ Vaccination,

☑ Flea and Tick Prevention

☑ Internal Parasite Prevention

☑ Titre testing,

☑ Dental care,

☑ Blood tests,

☑ Microchipping,

☑ Natural nutritional plan and

much more! Click here to see the best plans for your pet!

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Using a proactive approach to health and well being, we avoid unnecessary use of medication and work in the core of the condition, so we don’t have to prescribe medications that will only mask your pet’s real problem, such as long term use of cortisone and antibiotics for skin allergies.

If your pet goes to the vet regularly for the same issue, we need to address what is the cause of the condition and balance your pet’s health so he can overcome the problem from inside out.

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