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Dr Anna Abdala

Dr Anna Abdala graduated in Brazil in 2009 and ever since has been involved in natural therapies. She is studying Veterinary Acupuncture and participated in many conferences in holistic therapies. Dr Anna quickly fell in love for Australia when she first arrived in Sydney in 2012. In that same year she moved to the beautiful Fraser Coast where she worked for 4 years. She is now the head veterinarian of Animal Options Vet Clinic.

In University, Dr Anna had developed all the skills necessary to provide her patients with the best technologies in diagnostics and treatment. However, she also realized that conventional medicine was unable to fully understand the reasons behind illnesses and other health problems. She noticed that conventional medicine linear and mechanic approach to the body was not enough to diagnose and treat animals appropriately. From that moment on, Dr Anna started her journey into the natural healing path, always studying and researching for holistic medicine techniques. Now, she feels comfortable to use conventional and natural therapies together, elaborating treatment plans that combine both techniques and promote health of the body as whole.

Dr Anna believes all animals deserve an opportunity to improve their quality of life, whether they are a small young puppy or an old age cat. Animals are very resilient and use a distinct language to communicate, they don’t speak or understand to our words, but they can certainly send us message! All we need to know is to open our eyes and read their body, listening to their voice and feel their touch. A holistic vet like Dr Anna, can join all these signs together and help you understand your pet’s needs.

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