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A proper diet is a crucial element of health and wellbeing. Regular meals supply with energy that restock the body, promote healing and provide strength required to fight disease and the aging process.

Nowadays there is wide range of commercial pet food available in the market, including dry kibbles, tin food, sausage, fresh meals, raw meat and BARF. Amongst all these options, it can be overwhelming to decide what is best for you pet.

In addition, if you pet has a chronic condition, such as skin allergies, urinary problems, recurrent skin infections, kidney failure or cardiac disease, diet plays an important role in the treatment plan. When used appropriately, special ingredients can reduce the dose of medicine required, prevent reoccurrences and prolong life.

Every pet is special on his/her own way and it is essential to know the difference amongst species and individuals. When designing a diet plan, we take into consideration many variables, such as level of activity, breed predisposition to certain conditions, chronic diseases and food intolerance.

We also discuss your preferences and time available to prepare meals, availability of ingredients and affordability.

Prescription diets for cats and dogs is not the only way to manage your pet’s health!

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