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Natural Medicine

Evidence show that plants have been used for medicinal purposes since the Palaeolithic, approximately 60,000 years ago. Greek, Romans, Egyptians and Indigenous people of all continents have developed their system to use herbs and other natural resources to treat common illnesses. It was only in the last two centuries that drugs and conventional medicines started to be developed and used in people.

The majority of the conventional drugs prescribed by doctors and vets come from a plant or herb base. These formulations are based on extracting a single molecule that, when taken either orally or via injection or applied topically, causes a reaction within the body, helping to treat the main symptoms. So if your pet has been taking any anti-inflammatory medication, for example, it is highly likely that this medicine is a plant base purified molecule.

Drugs and medicines are good in a way that they promote significant results in a short period of time. However, side-effects are common and can deteriorate your pet’s health. The difference between an herbal extract and conventional medicine is that the herbal extract contains not only the specific molecule to treat a specific symptom. A herbal medicine has a variety of natural remedies that target numerous parts of the body, treating the disease as a whole, not only the symptoms.

When taking an herbal extract, your pet is having all the substances that will not only control symptoms, but also prevent side effects and promote overall health. This is because herbal extracts, either single or formulated with other herbs, are balanced to treat your pet’s condition holistically.

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