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We love when our furry babies come back from the groomers with that lovely smell, soft coat and a cute bow holding their fringe up. They look all happy and excited to see you back and can’t stop wagging their tails and jumping all over you. It’s a very exciting moment for both of you!

Unfortunately many pets don’t enjoy that activity as much as we would them to do so. A grooming saloon is an environment with many smells and pheromones from different pets, noises from blow dryers and barking, people getting in and out to pick up their pets and many other situations that your pet may not get used to.

For some pets, especially cats, going to the groomers is a huge struggle, they hate the vibration of the clippers or the handling of their feet. They get upset and temperamental, may develop diarrhoea and vomiting or simply don’t eat for a few days after the visit to the groomers.

In these special cases, we can use safe medication to sedate your pet, where he/she will be closely monitored throughout the procedure by a nurse and a vet. We can then safely clip their hair and nails, clean their ears, check their skin and give them a full bath & blow dry. After that, they recover in a peaceful and quiet environment.

This procedure allows your pet to get pampered without the stress of a grooming saloon. We use soap-free shampoo and natural shampoo & conditioner that gentle on your pet’s skin.

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