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When your pet comes to a vet clinic, he doesn’t know why and many are scared and terrified that something bad is going to happen to them. Common signs such as tail between legs, hiding under chairs, running back to the entry door and vocalising are easy to spot. But the very excited and energetic little ones also must be considered, these pets often vocalise, pace up and down and may urinate and defecate on the floor.

Pets need time, gentle touch and a comfortable environment to allow any approach. We allocate a longer time for every consultation, a minimum of 30 minutes for rechecks and general conditions, so we can have the time to discuss your pet’s health, perform a calm and gentle examination, discuss our findings and elaborate a treatment plan.

If your pet has a chronic condition and you would like to have a Complete Integrative Consultation, we allow one hour for that. This is because we need time to gather as much detail as possible of your pet’s behaviour, personality and medical conditions to create a strategy to improve his health.

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